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Dear Crabby with a Laptop Computer

Dear Crabby, How Do I Deal with a Troubled Relative?

Dear Crabby, For over 20 years my mother-in-law has been neglecting her son (my husband) and grandchildren in favor of her other son who has multiple addiction problems. It seems like he gets all the attention, while we get ignored, but are expected to drop everything and help out—no questions asked. Needless to say this really irks me. Should … [Read More...]

DDH 1st Anniversray logo 2.19.15

Don’t Drill the Hills Celebrates its First Anniversary – A Year of Engagement & Awareness

Don’t Drill the Hills, Inc (DDHI) is proud of our first year of fighting for local resident voices in public property decisions, and helping shape the local and State conversation on issues specific to oil and gas exploration in high density residential areas. Perhaps the first organization of its kind in Michigan – we are a non-partisan, … [Read More...]


Do a Good Deed in Your Community!

Join Rochester on Sunday, March 15 as the city participates in Good Deeds Day. Good Deeds Day is an international event with over 500,000 participants in 50-plus countries paying it forward through good deeds both large and small on this day. For Rochester’s Good Deed, we are collecting new toys and books for The Birthday Room at the Clothes … [Read More...]

photos of Red House and Barn 009

Rochester Hills Museum at Van Hoosen Farm Opens for 2015 Drop-In Tours

The Rochester Hills Museum at Van Hoosen Farm is open for drop-in tours starting Saturday, March 6. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Museum encompasses 16 acres of historic buildings, gardens, houses, barns, children’s garden, historic landscape, and a schoolhouse. The Lemuel Taylor family settled the area in 1823. After … [Read More...]

Write-In Bryan Barnett

Mayor Bryan Barnett to Run as Write-In Candidate with VIDEO

Close to forty people from the community gathered at Yates Cider Mill on Monday to show their support for Mayor Bryan Barnett as he announced his campaign to run as a write-in candidate for mayor of Rochester Hills. The Rochester Hills City Charter limits candidates to two terms on the ballot. However, those seeking a third term may run as a … [Read More...]

Future City

Rochester School Wins Grand Prize Winner 2015 National Future City Competition

For the second straight year, Michigan's Future City team from St. John Lutheran School in Rochester has won the National Future City Competition. Teams from 37 middle schools and organizations from across the country participated in the finals, which took place as part of Engineers Week, February 14-18, 2015. Since last fall, 40,000 middle … [Read More...]

Zip Line Adventure in Costa Rica

Top Travel Destinations for 2015

Top Travel Destinations for 2015 Every travel expert, travel website, or major news outlet has published a list of the top travel destinations to consider in 2015. Here are a few of those lists to peruse as you and the family curl up by a fireplace, drink hot chocolate and try to stay warm over the next several days. U.S. News … [Read More...]

Empty Choclate

Get Creative with Leftover Holiday Candy

I try really hard to limit the amount of junk my kids eat. Not only does this help them but it helps me, too. We aren't perfect by any means but I do try to do a few things to keep us on the healthier side. First, I try not to even buy the junk food. If it's in the house then we'll eat it. Second, if I do buy sweets, like ice cream, then I'll buy … [Read More...]

Dear Crabby with a Laptop Computer

Dear Crabby, Who is the ‘Academy’ and Why Do People Keep Thanking Them?

Dear Crabby, I was a little disappointed with some of the Oscar nominations this year. It seemed like a number of good films and performances were overlooked. And that got me thinking about acceptance speeches: nearly every winner starts out their speech with some form of, ‘I’d like to thank the Academy.’ Just who are these people and why … [Read More...]

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