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Rochester Hills council denies human rights ordinance

After months of lobbying, a majority of Rochester Hills City Council members went on the record Monday night to say that they are not interested in considering a human-rights ordinance. A group calling itself Rochester Hills Together asked council to place the matter on its agenda for formal discussion. They argued that a city that calls itself progressive needs to protect its lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered residents from discrimination, just as other classes are protected under the … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, Doesn’t Everybody Like Cats?

Dear Crabby, I just love my cat so much that I cannot imagine anyone not loving cats. But I have this neighbor that always makes a face and derogatory comments towards my cat when he sees it. Maybe I live in a fairytale world, but shouldn't everyone love these little animals? Sincerely, Cathy Catty Dear Ms. Catty, Well, I have to say that I have gone both ways with this topic over the years. At first, I did not like these critters at all. Then one day Mrs. Crabby and I were walking … [Read more...]

Rochester Media and The Community Edge Celebrate Two Year Anniversary

Can you believe that is has been two years since we sent out our first newsletter?  We cannot.  After 104 issues have been created, distributed, and read, we are thrilled that the community is still engaging with and enjoying us. We want to take a moment to update you on the last year's progress. We currently reach approximately 1650 subscribers with the weekly e-mail that we call "The Community Edge."  We consistently see 4500 to 6000 visitors on our website each month. The Oakland Press and a … [Read more...]

A Natural Adventure above the Red River

The Red River Gorge is Breathtaking At 120 feet above the ground, exhausted, I stop climbing to rest. My face is just inches from the rock wall and I ask it, “Why am I up here again?” The sandstone does not answer back. As I hang to catch my breath, I ponder my trip in and around the Red River Gorge. I made the Natural Bridge State Resort Park in Eastern Kentucky my home base for several days of outdoor fun. Since 1926, the park has provided visitors the chance to walk among the wildlife … [Read more...]

The Funky Frog, Children’s Resale Boutique is relocating to Main Street

The Funky Frog has outgrown it's current location on East Third Street and will be moving to 433 Main Street. "We are pleased that the community has found The Funky Frog to be a valuable asset. With the support of our long-time customers and many new customers we need to expand our store." states owner, Renee Perkins. "We believe now is the time to move to Main Street. We are excited to join the great variety of business on Main Street and be part of the NEW Downtown Rochester when the Main … [Read more...]

Bollywood Film Showing at the Rochester Hills Public Library

Come with family and friends to watch the award winning Bollywood film Dilwale dulhania le jayenge / The brave heart will take the bride in Hindi with English subtitles on Saturday, August 18, 2:00-5:00 p.m. in the Rochester Hills Public Library’s multipurpose room. This must-see Bollywood film, starring Shahrukh Khan, “the king of Bollywood,” and Kajol, best actress award winner, has won eight Hindi Filmfare awards and was also awarded the National Film Award for the most popular film of the … [Read more...]

Gold Medal Moment

Being the new kid is never easy. As I started the 5th grade at a new school, I was filled with a hefty dose of apprehension. Luckily, I was placed in Miss O’s class. We were always doing some sort of fun activity and when she announced “Book Week” was coming up, I practically danced in my seat. I loved to read… a lot. If there was one thing I knew I could excel at better then most of my classmates, it was reading. The premise of “Book Week” was each student would read a book, then at the end … [Read more...]

Hills voters to decide new police funding strategy

At four paragraphs, Rochester Hills’ August 7 ballot proposal is lengthier than most. It’s also a bit more complex. Is it a tax increase, or isn’t it? If not now, is there the potential for a tax increase down the road? This year, more than ever, homework is required before entering the voting booth. The proposal is based on the recommendation of a citizen committee formed in 2007 to look for ways to address a structural deficit in police and road funding. Two dedicated police millages … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, Why Do People Complain About Getting Wet At The Pool?

Dear Crabby, Every summer, it's the same thing. I take my kids to a community pool, and there's always someone who gets mad about the kids splashing in the water. What's their deal? Don't they realize that's what kids are supposed to do in a cold pool on a hot summer day? Sincerely, Getting Heated Dear Getting Heated, Well I am probably one of those irritating folks that would be yelling at the kids too - but that's just what I do!  I can see where some people just want to enjoy the … [Read more...]

All eyes on London, but take a look at Wales

Not Far from the Action of the Olympics The Welsh are proud of their heritage and passionate about preserving their Celtic language and historical sites. On the west coast of Britain, still a part of the United Kingdom, Wales feels and looks like Ireland with an English flavor. If you have a yearning for medieval times and castle romping, then the green rolling hills of Wales, where 400 castles freckle the landscape is for you. The network of castles found in this farmland of 12 million … [Read more...]