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Stuck in a rut? Need some biased advice from a crabby old baby-boomer? Read regularly by thousands and loved by some, Dear Crabby answers questions weekly to life's challenges. Send him a note at DearCrabby@rochestermedia.com.

Dear Crabby, Do you Carve Pumpkins for Halloween

Dear Crabby, It Might be Early to Ask, But Do you Carve Pumpkins for Halloween? Curious, Jack O.   Well, Jack, I do most years. It's an old tradition in the Crabby household - carving pumpkins is a glorious event. We usually plan our attack the weekend before Halloween. We pick up our pumpkins at a local cider mill or farmer's market or the Stone Wall Pumpkin Festival. Many folks go for the perfectly round, perfectly orange, perfectly Halloween'ish, pumpkin. I look for the odd … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, Is Hurricane Florence Really The Storm of a Lifetime?

Dear Crabby, Is Hurricane Florence Really The Storm of a Lifetime? Sincerely, Carol Lynah   Dear Carol, It is the "Storm of a Lifetime" if you were born yesterday and only until next hurricane season. Doom and gloom are reported with every storm these days - you know how TV news works - we're all going to suffer the wrath of climate change. Well, most of the major storms came many years ago - before we were using gas-guzzling cars - half in my lifetime (I'm old). Here's a … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, What does ‘Back to School’ Mean for you?

Dear Crabby, What does 'Back to School' Mean for you? Sincerely, G.R. Little   Hello G.R. Well, back to school means more traffic around town. Not just near the schools, but everywhere - cars cutting through subdivisions, filling all the surface roads, and making rush hour start earlier and end later. It means less time with the grandkids - I'm 50/50 on that one. But I'll have to go (I mean I get to go) to their sports games, school plays, and dance nights. So busy these kids are … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, How Do I Prepare to Get Ahead in Life?

  Dear Crabby, I'm currently working towards my nursing degree and working a part-time job while my longtime boyfriend (who finished college) is working his full-time career. I have two years left until I'm finished with school and get to enter "the real world" of house hunting, career searching, and family starting. Do you have any advice on how to prepare or get a head start in my final two years of school? Sincerely, Little Miss Future Nurse Dear Little Miss Future … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, Does Class Size Matter?

Dear Crabby, With school starting up again soon, I am curious, do you believe class size matters? This is often an educational debate between teachers and administrators. Many administrators quote, "research based" beliefs that class size doesn't impact student learning. However, many experienced teachers will beg to differ. I would like to know your thoughts. Thanks! Friend of Education Dear Friend, If you or I could offer a feasible solution to this problem today, not only would … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, What Do You Think of Space Force?

Dear Crabby, I love anything related to space, so I was excited to hear President Trump’s plans to get us back out there. What do you think of the proposed Space Force? Thanks, Starr Nuit Dear Starr Nuit, Well, I won’t lie. When I first heard the name I just assumed it was an announcement for a new movie franchise like Star Trek or Star Wars that my grandkids would try to dupe me into seeing. I was further confused when I saw the proposed logos since they looked like something you’d … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, Where Can I Find Out About Events Around Town?

Dear Crabby, Is there an event calendar anywhere that lists all the events happening in the Rochester/Rochester Hills, Michigan community? Of course, it probably won’t have everything, but as many as possible? Thanks! Arlene B. Dear Arlene, Well, we certainly live in a great area where there never seems to be a shortage of things to do. And there’s nothing worse than FOMO. That’s cool kids slang which means, ‘Fear of Missing Out.’ My grandkids once asked me how we found out about … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, Should Young Kids Play Tackle Football?

Dear Crabby, What age do you feel kids should begin playing tackle football? Do you feel 4th grade is too young to begin? Thanks! Lacey K. Dear Lacey, I assume you are like most parents out there and worried about the chance of your kid hurting himself. I know in recent years there’s been a lot of talk about how repeated concussions can really cause trouble lateron. And don’t get me wrong; it’s a valid concern. But the way I see it, parents seem to fall into one of two camps. The … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, What do you think is the Best Movie Streaming Service out there?

Dear Crabby, What do you think is the Best Movie Streaming Service out there? Curious Carol   Dear Carol, You may be thinking about cutting the cord to cable television - do it, do it now! Cable TV likes to package what it wants us to watch and sells it at a high price. We don't want or need most of what they offer, and for years I wished you could a la cart TV. Now you can, kind of. You have more options than ever before and the easiest thing to do is to get an antenna to … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, Is Crittenton Hospital Really Changing its Name … Again?

Dear Crabby, Is Crittenton Hospital Really Changing its Name ... Again? Sincerely, John Pine   Dear Mr. Pine, It sure is. Soon, Crittenton Hospital will be called ... wait for it ... "Ascension Providence Rochester Hospital." A cumbersome name, yes. Too long, yes. Stupid idea, yes. Whatever marketing genius thought that was a good idea should check themselves into the psych ward. Seriously, I've never understood why a new owner changes a landmark name. I would think, part … [Read more...]