Dear Crabby, What do you Think about the State Proposals in this Election?

Dear Crabby, What do you Think about the State Proposals in this Election? Sincerely, Willie Confused Hello Willie, I'm not confused at all. Vote NO on everything. I don't even need to read the proposals to know to vote NO. I always vote NO on proposals - I hate change. But just in case you're on the fence, here's my evaluation to push you to one side, or the other. Proposal 1 - Legalize Pot - "PROPOSAL 18-1 – A PROPOSED INITIATED LAW TO AUTHORIZE AND LEGALIZE POSSESSION, USE AND … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, Have you Ever Been BOOed?

  Dear Crabby, Halloween is almost upon us and I’m hearing a lot of talk about BOOing people in your neighborhood. I’m told this is a good thing. Have you heard about it and if so, what do you think? Thanks, Frank N. Stein Dear Mr. Stein, I’ll admit, I wasn’t aware of this BOOing business. At first, I thought maybe people were supposed to stand on their neighbor’s lawn and boo their lack of (or just plain awful) Halloween decorations. Or maybe you were supposed to boo … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, Are Smart Homes a Good Idea?

  Dear Crabby, It seems everyone I know these days has one of those smart devices—Dot, Echo, etc. Some are even going as far to connect their entire homes to be ‘smart.’ But I wonder if it’s safe. What do you think? Thanks! Lance Luddite Dear Lance Luddite, Because I’m such a hip guy I know exactly what you’re talking about. And you’re right. Those smart devices have gone from the palm of our hands to taking over our homes. In fact, I just read that the number of smart homes … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, What Do You Think of Haunted Houses?

  Dear Crabby, Now that there’s sort of a fall feeling in the air, I wanted to do something fun like a corn maze, hayride, or maybe even a haunted house. Would you ever consider going to one? Thanks! Stan Scary Dear Stan Scary, If I’m reading your question right you’re asking if I’d ever visit a haunted house. Well, the short version of my answer would be… ummm, no. Go to a haunted house – are you kidding me? I find daily life scary enough as it is. Between politics and … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, Is It Too Late to Register to Vote?

Dear Crabby, I can’t believe it’s already October. Which means election day will be here soon. Is it too late to register to vote? Thanks! Betty Bipartisan, Dear Betty Bipartisan, You’re cutting it close, but you’re in luck. The deadline in Michigan for registering to vote by mail or in person is Tuesday, October 9. If you’re reading this and live in another state, I recommend using the Google to see if your deadline is different. Back to us Michiganders … now if you’re gonna register … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, How Late in the Year do you Grill?

Dear Crabby, Now that Fall is Here and Many of us are Getting the Yard Ready for Winter, I was Wondering - How Late in the Year do you Grill? Sincerely, Autumn Girl   Well, Autumn, why would you stop grilling at all? You know, you can do it year-round ... that is if you don't mind the cold weather or shoveling a path through the snow to your outdoor grill. We used to close the grill up too. Each fall, as the temps fell, I would clean it up one last time and cover it up to … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, Do you Carve Pumpkins for Halloween

Dear Crabby, It Might be Early to Ask, But Do you Carve Pumpkins for Halloween? Curious, Jack O.   Well, Jack, I do most years. It's an old tradition in the Crabby household - carving pumpkins is a glorious event. We usually plan our attack the weekend before Halloween. We pick up our pumpkins at a local cider mill or farmer's market or the Stone Wall Pumpkin Festival. Many folks go for the perfectly round, perfectly orange, perfectly Halloween'ish, pumpkin. I look for the odd … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, Is Hurricane Florence Really The Storm of a Lifetime?

Dear Crabby, Is Hurricane Florence Really The Storm of a Lifetime? Sincerely, Carol Lynah   Dear Carol, It is the "Storm of a Lifetime" if you were born yesterday and only until next hurricane season. Doom and gloom are reported with every storm these days - you know how TV news works - we're all going to suffer the wrath of climate change. Well, most of the major storms came many years ago - before we were using gas-guzzling cars - half in my lifetime (I'm old). Here's a … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, What does ‘Back to School’ Mean for you?

Dear Crabby, What does 'Back to School' Mean for you? Sincerely, G.R. Little   Hello G.R. Well, back to school means more traffic around town. Not just near the schools, but everywhere - cars cutting through subdivisions, filling all the surface roads, and making rush hour start earlier and end later. It means less time with the grandkids - I'm 50/50 on that one. But I'll have to go (I mean I get to go) to their sports games, school plays, and dance nights. So busy these kids are … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, How Do I Prepare to Get Ahead in Life?

  Dear Crabby, I'm currently working towards my nursing degree and working a part-time job while my longtime boyfriend (who finished college) is working his full-time career. I have two years left until I'm finished with school and get to enter "the real world" of house hunting, career searching, and family starting. Do you have any advice on how to prepare or get a head start in my final two years of school? Sincerely, Little Miss Future Nurse Dear Little Miss Future … [Read more...]