Dear Crabby, Do you Think Grocery Stores Should Ask you to Give at the Register?

Dear Crabby, Do you Think Grocery Stores Should Ask you to Give at the Register? Sincerely, Joe Givings Dear Joe, Why on earth do grocery stores and other retail outlets ask you give to charity at the register - because it works - it's a great place to guilt you into making a donation. Because of my high profile in the Rochester Area, I don't get around to all the grocery stores too often anymore. If my fans saw me shopping, I'm sure it would attract attention. In fact, this one time I … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, Do You Have Any Hobbies?

Dear Crabby, Do You Have Any Hobbies? Sincerely, Robbie Needs a Hobby   Dear Robbie, Yes. You're reading it. I excel at being grouchy, ill-natured and irritable - it's a gift and a curse. And this bad-tempered ability allows me to deliver to you my peevish opinions, in a blunt and cynical nature. The words I craft here, while prickly in tone and harsh to hear will make you a better person, I'm sure of it. But outside of this snappy wisdom, I do enjoy other hobby-like … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, Did you Lose Power from this Big Wind Storm?

Dear Crabby, I know Power Outages are a Pet Peeve of yours, Did you Lose Power Again from this Big Wind Storm? Sincerely, Gusty Day Dear Mr. Day, Of course we did - most of Rochester seemed to have lost power. In fact, I had to drive to a nearby coffee shop and pay way too much for a Cup of Joe just to use their "free" Internet to write my weekly column. Thankfully, your question came in this morning just in time for me to vent - again - about the darn loss of power. Here we are, … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, Would You Ever Travel to Mars?

Dear Crabby, Please Indulge My Curiosity, Would You Ever Travel to Mars? Sincerely, Marte Rojo   Hola Marte, Some days I don't want to travel to the mailbox, let alone across space. But I will indulge your curiosity - isn't there a rover on Mars called curiosity? - I am a man for adventure after all (at least I used to be). I've always enjoyed a good road trip, so why not Mars. It's a long way, and Venus is actually closer, but we could land on and survive on Mars - unlike … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, What Are Your Oscar Predictions?

Dear Crabby, The Academy Awards is this Sunday, and while I know you’re not a big movie buff, I figured you’d probably have an opinion anyway. So, do you have any Oscar predictions? Thanks! Fred Noir Dear Mr. Noir, You are correct that I usually don't give two hoots about what’s playing in movie houses these days (are they even called that anymore?), but I can still give you my two cents because I never get tired of giving people my opinion. Here are my Oscar predictions. The host, … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, Is the American Dream Still Attainable?

Dear Crabby, I don’t know about you, but I was sure bummed to hear about Mike Ilitch’s passing last Friday. He did so much for Detroit. As the news broke, I was surprised to learn he was a first generation American of Macedonian descent. Considering the empire he built, it got me wondering if someone starting out in America could do the same thing today. What do you think? Thanks, Steven Brulay Dear Mr. Brulay, You ask an interesting question. Mr. Ilitch was indeed a great man who … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, Is It Safe to Fly?

Dear Crabby, I have an overseas business trip coming up, but with all the recent news about travel bans and the ensuing pandemonium at airports, do you think it’s safe to fly right now? Thanks, Tara Takeoff Dear Ms. Takeoff, I assume you mean the ban that isn’t a ban? Hahaha. It’s a joke people. Relax. It’s still OK to laugh. Anyway, I think people may be throwing the baby out with the bathwater on this subject, so let’s see if we can keep the hysteria to a minimum. So, President … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, Why Does the Super Bowl Use Roman Numerals?

Dear Crabby, Man. I sure thought it was going to be the Detroit Lions year—that we’d finally make a triumphant return to the Super Bowl. I still plan on watching the game, but it won’t be as much fun. Hey. Do you happen to know in why the heck they use Roman numerals? Thanks, Sid Sideline Dear Mr. Sideline, I know what you mean. If the Chicago Cubs can win a World Series after a 108-year drought, why can’t the Detroit Lions win a Super Bowl? Alas, it just wasn’t meant to be. And … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, What is Statehood Day?

Dear Crabby, What is Statehood Day? Sincerely, Robin Bird   Dear Robin, In short, Happy Birthday to Michigan! Our beautiful state celebrates turning 180 today, which is Michigan's Statehood Day. I'm sure other states have these celebrations, but none is more important than the one in which you live. Michigan, founded on January 26, 1837, is the 26th state in our union - putting us roughly at the halfway point of reaching a total of 50 marvelous states - Michigan being the … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, What’s up with this Warm Weather?

Dear Crabby, What's up with this Warm Weather, it's supposed to be Winter, right? Sincerely, Sonny Dey   Good Day Mr. Dey, Who's complaining? Sure, there are some winter-lovers out there who may be griping about the warmer-than-usual temps hitting the Midwest these days, but I don't know too many. You've got guys who love ice-fishing - but they just fish the local rivers. You've got your skiers and snowboarders - but all the local hills made a ton of snow and they're still using … [Read more...]