Dear Crabby, What Do You Think About Emotional Support Animals?

Dear Crabby, It seems like lately I’m reading more and more about people who have emotional support animals – especially when flying. Do you think they’re needed or are people trying to work the system in their favor? Thanks, Al E. Chat Dear Al E. Chat, Ya know. Now that you mention it, I too have been hearing more in the news about emotional support animals. Did you hear about the man in Pennsylvania, Joie Henney, who has a five-foot alligator named Wally who apparently helps him … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, Why does PBS Broadcast Kids’ Shows 24/7?

Dear Crabby, Why does PBS Broadcast Kids' Shows 24/7? Sincerely, Adult Viewer   Dear Adult Viewer, You must be referring to their one broadcast channel called PBS Kids - well, it's in their name - one channel (56.2 for our readers) dedicated to children's programming. But I've thought the same thing, why would you want (or need) a broadcast channel playing 24 hours a day, seven days a week, of just programs for children. In the world of On Demand shows, most parents (once their … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, Are you Going to the Last Detroit Winter Auto Show?

Dear Crabby, Are you Going to the Last Detroit Winter Auto Show? Sincerely, Nu Carr   Dear Nu, No. I love cars, new and old, I've been driving since Mr. Ford rolled the Model T off the assembly line ... well, almost ... but a Winter drive to Detroit - no thank you. I don't mind the drive, it's the parking, walking, weather, people, lines, overpriced items, crowds, and the prices of the new cars - seriously, who can afford a new car? Don't get me wrong, I've been before. … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, How Long Will the Shutdown Last?

Dear Crabby, How Long Will the Shutdown Last? Super Curious George   Dear George, I'm an advice columnist, not a psychic, but I'll give it a go. As most of know by now, this is now the longest government shutdown American has dealt with. This is President Trump's second shutdown. The first one (three days) was one of the shortest on record, but this one - 29 days so far - is several days past the old record of 21 days under President Obama and the previous before that of 16 days … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, Is it Inconsiderate to Take Your Groceries to the Coffee Line at the Grocery Store?

Dear Crabby, I was out at a grocery store at lunch the other day, to get some lunch stuff for the rest of the week. I decided I should get myself a coffee as a treat. I ordered my coffee and was rung up for the coffee and about 6 frozen lunch meals, and paid. After I was done, and I was standing by waiting for my coffee, the man behind me was trying to get my attention. In short, he was irritated that I had taken up the coffee line to pay for my groceries, and wanted to let me know that … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, What were your Favorite Stories of 2018?

Dear Crabby, As you Reflect on Last Year, What were your Favorite Stories of 2018? Sincerely, Remy Nisse   Hello Remy, You could have asked what were the best stories, most important, or biggest stories of 2018, but you asked me, what were my favorite stories - thank you for asking.  Well, the story that was all of the above, was certainly the story of when 13 people were trapped in an underwater cave in Thailand - remember that one? What a saga. Twelve boys and their soccer … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, Do You Have Any Predictions for 2019?

Dear Crabby, Since you seem to know a little bit about everything, I was wondering if you had any predictions for what will happen in the new year? Thanks! Hank Hora Dear Hank Hora, Predictions, eh? Well, I feel pretty confident in saying that 2019 will give us more mudslinging from the left and right in politics and the Detroit Lions will probably have another lackluster season. Oh! And that most of Michigan’s expressways will still be under construction with no end in sight. Yup. … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, Are Some Christmas Songs Outdated?

Dear Crabby, Last year I heard rumblings about people taking issue with the Christmas standard, “Baby, It’s Cold Outside.” This year it seems to have reached a fevered pitch with one radio station even pulling it from their holiday rotation. What do you think – are songs like this (and possibly others) outdated? Thanks, Felice N. David Dear Felice N. David, Boy. If only songwriter Frank Loesser knew what trouble the lyrics from his Academy Award-winning song were causing today. … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, What Color Should Christmas Trees Be?

Dear Crabby, Recently, some folks were up-in-arms over the red Christmas trees the First Lady Melania Trump used to decorate the White House. So, I was wondering if you thought different colored Christmas trees are fine or if they should always be green? Thanks! Flora Foliage Dear Flora Foliage, I seem to recall reading about the hullabaloo over the White House Christmas trees. But I guess when you’re leading a country of over 300 million people, you ain’t gonna please everyone. … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, When Did Poop Become So Popular?

Dear Crabby, Are you familiar with emojis? They’re those little images on your smartphone you can use when texting – smiley faces, hearts, etc. Well, the one that really gets me is the poop emoji. And it’s everywhere: pillows, sheets, Halloween costumes… and what I want to know is how in the world did poop become so popular? Especially as kid's toys. Thanks, Walter Closet, II Dear Mr. Walter Closet, II, It seemed like Halloween was barely over and stores were already pushing their … [Read more...]