Dear Crabby, What Color Should Christmas Trees Be?

Dear Crabby, Recently, some folks were up-in-arms over the red Christmas trees the First Lady Melania Trump used to decorate the White House. So, I was wondering if you thought different colored Christmas trees are fine or if they should always be green? Thanks! Flora Foliage Dear Flora Foliage, I seem to recall reading about the hullabaloo over the White House Christmas trees. But I guess when you’re leading a country of over 300 million people, you ain’t gonna please everyone. … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, When Did Poop Become So Popular?

Dear Crabby, Are you familiar with emojis? They’re those little images on your smartphone you can use when texting – smiley faces, hearts, etc. Well, the one that really gets me is the poop emoji. And it’s everywhere: pillows, sheets, Halloween costumes… and what I want to know is how in the world did poop become so popular? Especially as kid's toys. Thanks, Walter Closet, II Dear Mr. Walter Closet, II, It seemed like Halloween was barely over and stores were already pushing their … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, What’s Michigan Doing with the Minimum Wage?

Dear Crabby, I'm Looking for a Job and I was Wondering What is Michigan Doing with the Minimum Wage Right Now? Sincerely, Mo Money Dear Mo, The economy is so good right now, this issue is not getting much attention. But here's the quick scoop: to avoid the minimum wage increase being on the ballot in the recent election (remember the one where all the state ballots passed?), legislators approved two citizen-led initiatives in September. Now that we're passed the election, those same … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, can you please tell me why the gas prices are so high in Rochester/Rochester Hills?

Dear Crabby, can you please tell me why the gas prices are so high in Rochester/Rochester Hills when compared to neighboring communities?  I try to support community businesses but I won't buy gas here in town because of the prices. Sincerely, Lou   Dear Lou, It seems there is no rhyme or reason to gas prices. Although, there are a few stations you know are always high-priced, but for the most part it's a mystery ... or is it? Well, I chose not to drive around town … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, What Dessert Should I Bring to Dinner?

Dear Crabby, I've been invited to Thanksgiving Dinner at the in-laws house and they've asked me to bring dessert, what should I bring? Sincerely, New to the Family   Dear New to the Family, Fun times. I can remember, back when I had to woo Mrs. Crabby's parents. I always brought dessert - pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving, cherry pie for Independence Day, apple pie for Christmas and ice cream for every meal - it was tiring. And, for several years I just got a simple half-smile and a … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, What’s the Best Way to Clean Gutters?

Dear Crabby, What's the Best Way to Clean Gutters? Sincerely, Leif B. Gone   Dear Leif, If you're a DIY sort of person, you're in luck because there are new gimmicky products released every year that claim they are the best of the best, revolutionary, cutting edge, modern, new age, 21st Century, the future in now, easiest, cheapest, most convenient, visionary, space age, state-of-the-art, you'll actually enjoy cleaning your gutters, patented systems that you just can't afford … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, What do you Think about the State Proposals in this Election?

Dear Crabby, What do you Think about the State Proposals in this Election? Sincerely, Willie Confused Hello Willie, I'm not confused at all. Vote NO on everything. I don't even need to read the proposals to know to vote NO. I always vote NO on proposals - I hate change. But just in case you're on the fence, here's my evaluation to push you to one side, or the other. Proposal 1 - Legalize Pot - "PROPOSAL 18-1 – A PROPOSED INITIATED LAW TO AUTHORIZE AND LEGALIZE POSSESSION, USE AND … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, Have you Ever Been BOOed?

  Dear Crabby, Halloween is almost upon us and I’m hearing a lot of talk about BOOing people in your neighborhood. I’m told this is a good thing. Have you heard about it and if so, what do you think? Thanks, Frank N. Stein Dear Mr. Stein, I’ll admit, I wasn’t aware of this BOOing business. At first, I thought maybe people were supposed to stand on their neighbor’s lawn and boo their lack of (or just plain awful) Halloween decorations. Or maybe you were supposed to boo … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, Are Smart Homes a Good Idea?

  Dear Crabby, It seems everyone I know these days has one of those smart devices—Dot, Echo, etc. Some are even going as far to connect their entire homes to be ‘smart.’ But I wonder if it’s safe. What do you think? Thanks! Lance Luddite Dear Lance Luddite, Because I’m such a hip guy I know exactly what you’re talking about. And you’re right. Those smart devices have gone from the palm of our hands to taking over our homes. In fact, I just read that the number of smart homes … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, What Do You Think of Haunted Houses?

  Dear Crabby, Now that there’s sort of a fall feeling in the air, I wanted to do something fun like a corn maze, hayride, or maybe even a haunted house. Would you ever consider going to one? Thanks! Stan Scary Dear Stan Scary, If I’m reading your question right you’re asking if I’d ever visit a haunted house. Well, the short version of my answer would be… ummm, no. Go to a haunted house – are you kidding me? I find daily life scary enough as it is. Between politics and … [Read more...]