CTM Chair McMillin to Snyder: Drop the concrete. Let’s debate.

Today, Concerned Taxpayers of Michigan chairman and former state representative Tom McMillin issued the following challenge to Governor Snyder: “Governor Snyder, put the concrete boulders and scare tactics aside and let’s debate Proposal 1 - all 46,000 words that would be implemented. You name the place and time and  I’ll be there. But telling voters that they must either vote for this huge tax increase or people will die is not helpful. Let’s have an adult … [Read more...]

Op-Ed: Proposal 1 Also Brings Higher Gas Tax

Voters may not realize that if Proposal 1 passes on May 5, it will initiate 10 laws. The opinion expressed by Sue Ann Douglas in this Op-Ed is her own and does not constitute an endorsement by Rochester Media. The information Ms. Douglas is referencing comes from the Detroit Free Press article: Proposal 1’s passage would trigger these 10 laws. By Sue Ann Douglas Please note the section on the gas tax  - Remove, replace fuel tax. While it is true that the new gas tax will go only to … [Read more...]

Adam Kochenderfer Announces Reelection Campaign for Rochester Hills City Council

Councilman Adam Kochenderfer announced his reelection campaign today for Rochester Hills City Council, District 2. Kochenderfer hopes to continue the momentum of his first four years in office. During that time, he focused on: 1) Quality of Life. Rochester Hills was named one of the Top 10 Best Places to Live in America by Money Magazine. 2) Public Safety. Rochester Hills’ fire department and EMS added 24/7 coverage to District 2’s station, aiming to lower response times. 3) … [Read more...]

Mayor Bryan Barnett to Run as Write-In Candidate with VIDEO

Write-In Bryan Barnett

Close to forty people from the community gathered at Yates Cider Mill on Monday to show their support for Mayor Bryan Barnett as he announced his campaign to run as a write-in candidate for mayor of Rochester Hills. The Rochester Hills City Charter limits candidates to two terms on the ballot. However, those seeking a third term may run as a write-in Candidate. Yates owner, Mike Titus, welcomed friends, area students and community leaders, including Congressman Mike Bishop and Oakland … [Read more...]

Public Input Sought on Upcoming Road Funding Wording

Yesterday, the Secretary of State's office released a draft of the wording for the upcoming road funding proposal taxpayers will be voting on come May 5. The public has until 5 p.m. on Tuesday, February 24 to provide written comments regarding the proposed language. Then, on Thursday, February 26, the Board of State Canvassers will meet to determine ballot wording for the upcoming special election. The proposed draft is as follows: A PROPOSAL TO AMEND THE STATE CONSTITUTION TO INCREASE … [Read more...]

Concerned Taxpayers of Michigan Outline Ballot Proposal Language

If your eyes tend to glaze over when reading and making sense of ballot proposals, chances are you're not alone. On May 5, Michigan voters will be asked to vote on an important tax increase, which is supposed to help finance badly needed repairs to Michigan roads. To help make sense of what specifically voters are being asked to approve, former state representative Tom McMillin and chairman of Concerned Taxpayers of Michigan, a grassroots citizens' organization, has put together the following … [Read more...]

Op-Ed: Michigan’s Road Funding Proposal

Note: The following opinion is by Sue Ann Douglas, Retired Oakland County Commissioner (18 years) and former 11-year member of Rochester City Council. This could be the most deceptive campaign by government that we have ever seen. Don't believe that this is for 'safe roads' because if it were for safe roads, every single penny collected from every bill attached to the sales tax hike would generate funds that would go ONLY to roads.  That's the scam. The bills are full of PORK that … [Read more...]

Yalamanchi Announces his Candidacy for Rochester Hills Mayor

With the dust still settling form the midterm elections held two weeks ago, former Rochester Hills City Councilman Ravi Yalamanchi announced on Monday, November 17 that he'll run for Rochester Hills mayor. Normally term limits would prohibit the city's current mayor Bryan K. Barnett from running again, but there is a possibility that he could appear on the ballot as a write-in candidate, although no formal announcement has been made from his camp. And aside from Yalamanchi, no other … [Read more...]

Republicans take Senate in Midterm Election

Lawn Signs Lead the Way to the Election Polls on Tuesday - Photo by Michael

Republicans Gain Control of US Senate With no help from Michigan, the GOP surpasses the magic number of 51 to gain a majority in the Senate. While many republicans across the country faired well in this midterm election, Michigan's Terry Lynn Land did not. Democrat candidate, Gary Peters, won convincingly with 56% of the vote in Oakland County. However, the race was closer in Rochester with a 5% win and even closer in Rochester Hills where Peters won by less than 3%. In Oakland Township, … [Read more...]

Op-Ed: Voter Rights, Voter Turnout, and a Vote Denied

Please Note: The article below is an opinion expressed by a Rochester Hills resident and in no way constitutes an endorsement by Rochester Media The Rochester Hills City Council violated its city charter by selling/leasing publicly owned land for oil exploration without a vote of the people. By denying a citizen vote they acted beyond their scope of authority. The Voter Rights Act of 1965 is a landmark piece of legislation. And while the Rochester Hills situation pales in comparison to the … [Read more...]