Kmart to close – again


The Rochester Hills location is one of five Kmart stores set to close in early December, WDIV-TV and The Patch reports. Another Oakland County store, Madison Heights, will be closed, according to the report, which also listed locations in Flint, Burton and Port Huron as being The closings will leave 610 Kmart employees without a job, including 77 employees at the Rochester Hills store, the report stated. Eligible associates will receive a severance package and be able to apply for Kmart or … [Read more...]

Happy Quad-iversary to Rochester Media and The Community Edge


Happy "Quad-iversary" to Rochester Media and The Community Edge.  We are amazed that four years have already passed since the first issue of The Community Edge made its debut! After 208 issues have been created, distributed, and read, we are thrilled that the community is still warmly welcoming us. We want to take a moment to update you on the past year's progress. Our weekly email, titled The Community Edge, currently reaches over 1,900 subscribers. We have had 168,000 unique visitors to our … [Read more...]

Rochester Writers’ Group and Events for 2014


Writing Groups, News, and 2014 Events The Freelance Marketplace Writers' Group meets the third Tuesday of the month at the Rochester Hills Barnes & Noble Bookstore at 7:30 p.m. We are not a critique group - we discuss the business of writing. Join us once, once in a while, or every time. It's free and open to new, working, and published writers, illustrators, and photographers. Author Ron Herron will be our guest moderator this month, Tuesday, January 21, for a general discussion on the … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby is cut from the Oakland Press?


Recently the Oakland Press stopped printing the weekly advice article from Dear Crabby. If you have enjoyed these articles the last three and half years or so, please take a moment to write or call. Editor at the Oakland Press is (248) 745-4587 Directly to Mr. Crabby at Letters received below: I enjoy reading Dear Crabby and think it should continue to appear in the Oakland Press. The humorous articles give me a lift on a somber day. … [Read more...]

Black Friday and Your own Mastermind Group

I have a gift for you. While crowds of people push and shove their way through stores so they can purchase gifts that be forgotten come January, I want to offer you something different. As you know, my courses are designed to impact your life and business in a short time. They are all about getting you one thing: results. Think about it, by January things can be different you. That's why when you purchase ANYTHING in the 48 Days store, I'm GIVING you my newest product that hasn't been … [Read more...]

Hollywood Markets Rochester


Hollywood Markets in Rochester Hills and other locations around Oakland County has great specials posted online daily. This week you can get 3 quarts of Edy's Ice Cream for $6! Look here for more deals specials, and coupons … [Read more...]

Salt Room Therapy Comes to Rochester Hills

Michelle Puffpaff of Mt. Clemens and Leela Baylis of Clinton Twp. enjoy a session in the Salinair Salt Room of Rochester Hills - photo by Michael Dwyer

Salt Room Therapy Comes to Rochester Hills By Michael Dwyer Halotherapy Eastern European countries used natural salt mines as a medicine-free therapy called Speleotherapy (cave therapy). To replicate and enhance the salt mine experience, Halotherapy (salt therapy) started spreading across Europe and has now come to America. In Rochester Hills the Salinair Salt Room provides this experience. The walls and floors of the rooms are covered in salt to offer the feel of being in a salt mine. … [Read more...]

Stitch work: Big Creek Studio brings quilt photography to the Rochester area


Meet Amy Stricker—a colorful sewer, quilter and photographer turned business entrepreneur. Crafting yards of fabric narrative designed for comfort, her former pastime has blossomed into a full-fledged photography business as unique as each throw she quilts. And there are 20 million quilters waiting for her. Big Creek Studio, located in Troy, launched earlier this spring. Here is our exclusive interview with the master photographer behind the business. Rochester Media: Why did you start … [Read more...]

Vote on Cars, the New Way to Shop for a Car, with VIDEO

Screen shot 2013-06-05 at 3.30.01 PM

There is a new way to shop for the right car. Vote on Cars is the creation of Rochester Hills resident, Matt Klein. Matt, his family and his friends combined their talents and time to design this peer-to-peer review website to match the buyer to the car. Shoppers want honest and authentic reviews of several cars. Instead of flipping through dozens of car magazines to see only a few like models reviewed, buyers now have the option to see people just like them, with their budget, test driving … [Read more...]