Hostelling for the Not-So-Young

Visitors check-in at the Hostel in The Loop Area of Chicago - photo by Michael Dwyer

Maybe your friend is in Australia right now? Perhaps your daughter is backpacking Europe this summer before she starts college? Or, maybe your parents are driving the western states coastline? Chances are, hostels may be one their accommodation choices and it doesn't matter what their age is ... Hostelling for the Not-So-Young (part one) Running around the world with a backpack, jumping on trains and buses, and sleeping in hostels may seem like an adventure for college students on … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, Why do we have an August primary?

Dear Crabby with a Laptop Computer

Dear Crabby, I don’t know about you, but my mailbox is overflowing with political flyers, I’ve stopped answering my phone because of so many calls asking if I’m voting for so-and-so, and I mute my TV every time a political ad comes on — and it’s not even November yet! Why do we need a primary in August? Can’t we just have one election in November to decide everything? Sincerely, Ron Republicrat Dear Ron Republicrat, I hear what you’re saying. All the political flyers, … [Read more...]

Volunteer Your Creativity for OPC’s “Be Seated Auction”

OPC Be Seated Auction

The Older Persons Commission (OPC) is looking for artistic people of all ages, young or old, to design and decorate chairs for their "Be Seated Auction" which will be held in conjunction with their ever-popular Used Art Sale on Thursday, September 25. All you need is chair (old or new) and a little creativity. Chairs can be painted, stenciled, bejeweled, embellished with mosaics or pottery pieces, Zentangled, word-burned, yarn bombed... the sky is the limit! Make a chair for indoors, … [Read more...]

Board of Commissioners Seeks Better Policy–Thanks Supporters for Curbing Gun Violence Effort and National Award


Letter to the Editor, In response to the Sandy Hook Massacre in 2012, the Oakland County Board of Commissioners’ Public Services Committee has worked proactively on the issue of Preventing Gun Violence in Oakland County. By creating our bi-partisan Curbing Gun Violence Study Group in 2013, the Public Services Committee heard expert testimony from law enforcement leaders, school superintendents, second amendment rights advocates, and mental health professionals at the recorded public … [Read more...]

Art & Apples Festival welcomes Meijer as Kids Art Zone Partner


A weekend full of creativity and exploration is in store for the young visitors of the 49th Annual Art & Apples Festival at the Kids Art Zone as the festival welcomes new sponsor, Meijer, as announced in a press release. Rochester’s local Meijer, located at the crossroads of Auburn and Rochester roads, is looking forward to raising the bar this year by bringing a number of new activities to the Kids Art Zone. Oakland County Parks and Recreation will also be on-site with large-scale … [Read more...]

Cleaned-up corner in Rochester Hills to welcome new retail development

Crews continue to work on the retail development at Rochester and Auburn roads in Rochester Hills. The space is expected to include McDonald’s and Starbucks locations and open in the early fall. Photo by Paul Kampe of The Oakland Press

According to a recent article in The Oakland Press, starting this fall the corner of Auburn and Rochester Roads will have a new look. Twelve tenants, including McDonalds, Starbucks, and Qdoba, will occupy the corner, which has recently been cleaned of any environmental hazards possibly left by the Citgo gas station that was there before. Read more about the development plans here. … [Read more...]

Happy Quad-iversary to Rochester Media and The Community Edge


Happy "Quad-iversary" to Rochester Media and The Community Edge.  We are amazed that four years have already passed since the first issue of The Community Edge made its debut! After 208 issues have been created, distributed, and read, we are thrilled that the community is still warmly welcoming us. We want to take a moment to update you on the past year's progress. Our weekly email, titled The Community Edge, currently reaches over 1,900 subscribers. We have had 168,000 unique visitors to our … [Read more...]

Big, Bright Ball Returns Sunday, August 3

Big Bright Ball Returns Sunday August 3 at the Royal Park Hotel in Rochester

Looking Forward to Winter? Probably not, since summer took a while to get here. However, everyone knows winter will come eventually, and with it, the holidays, the parade, and the Big, Bright Light Show that illuminates 1.5 million lights. The lights drape the buildings along Main Street and have become a huge attraction for the city. If summertime seems to be slipping by, Rochester Media suggests you attend the Big, Bright Ball on August 3 at the Royal Park Hotel from 4:00 p.m. until 7:00 … [Read more...]

Former Rochester Hills resident offers seniors a way to live ‘Gracefully’

Graceful Living

In response to the growing demand for exceptional senior care, a new, innovative facility is on the verge of opening its doors in Howell, Michigan. "Graceful Living" is the fitting name of the new home, and also defines what sets this concept apart from typical elder care. The catalysts behind this new setting are two dedicated women, the joyful Grace Terry, and former Rochester Hills resident Laura Kwapis. They live with a passion for setting a new standard of a graceful, holistic, and … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, Why do men hold doors open but then cut us off in the parking lot?


Dear Crabby, Why is it that men will hold a door open for a woman, but will then cut them off in the parking lot to get the better parking spot? Doesn't this seem hypocritical? I mean are these men for real or what? Sincerely, Sick and Tired Dear Sick and Tired, Well, I have been on both sides of this coin. I was always raised to open doors for ladies and to be a gentleman. However, I was also raised to be competitive and to seek to get the best parking spot. I cannot always tell if … [Read more...]