Downtown Rochester Snow Removal Plans

The City of Rochester Department of Public Works (DPW) will continue winter snow removal procedures. Crews will be hauling snow from the downtown area of Rochester overnight and will be addressing intersections and bus stops throughout Friday, December 15. Here are some friendly reminders from the City of Rochester DPW as we begin our winter snow operations for the 2017-2018 season. We understand that not everyone can afford to but if you can, please wait to clear your driveways until … [Read more...]

City of Rochester Calls for Milestone Anniversaries from Businesses

City of Rochester Seeking Businesses Celebrating Milestone Anniversaries This year marks the 200th Anniversary of the founding of the City of Rochester. Founded in 1817, Rochester is the first settlement in Oakland County. In addition to many events taking place in celebration of the Bicentennial, the City of Rochester would like to recognize businesses that are also celebrating anniversaries in 2017. Greater Rochester businesses are invited to submit their milestone anniversaries to … [Read more...]

Want Your Name in Stone at the Rochester Bicentennial Monument Sundial

Leave a Lasting Legacy During Rochester’s Bicentennial Celebration Twenty-seventeen marks the 200th Anniversary of the founding of Rochester. In celebration of this historic milestone, in addition to several special events throughout the year, the City of Rochester plans to build a Bicentennial Monument. Create a lasting memory with a sponsorship of Rochester’s Bicentennial Monument. Located at the entrance to the Rochester Municipal Park, the centerpiece of the monument will feature a … [Read more...]

There is Mulch to Do this Saturday in the Rochester Municipal Park

City of Rochester Looking for Volunteers for Make-A-Difference Day  The Rochester City Beautiful Commission is looking for volunteers for the 2017 City of Rochester Make-a-Difference Day. Held in the Rochester Municipal Park on Saturday, May 13, the event will run from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. This year’s project is “Mulch-a-Palooza.” Please come out and help to spread mulch, pull weeds, and paint the benches in the park. Everyone age 15 an over are welcome to help. Please dress for … [Read more...]

Rochester Primary Cancelled, Open Seats for Boards and Commissions

Primary Election August 8, 2017 is Cancelled Due to an insufficient number of candidates, the Primary Election scheduled for August 8, 2017 is cancelled. The following six candidates will appear on the November 7, 2017 General Election: Dean Bevacqua Stuart Bikson Tammy Byers Lynn Campo Ann Peterson Nancy L. Salvia City Seeking Candidates for Open Seats on Boards and Commissions The City of Rochester is accepting applications now through May 2, 2017 for open … [Read more...]

The Battle for Avon Township, Rochester and Rochester Hills, A Tale of Two Cities

As we celebrate the founding of Rochester during 2017, we must also note that Rochester Hills shares the same anniversary. Both Rochester and Avon Township - today’s Rochester Hills - received their first non-native settlers in 1817. Some of the founding Graham family members built their home in what is now the City of Rochester. The rest of them moved out to the area that is now the intersection of Avon & Livernois Roads, becoming the first white settlers of what would become Avon … [Read more...]

City of Rochester Needs Your Input

This month, the City of Rochester mailed the 2017 Community Survey to each residence in the city. The purpose of this survey is to gauge input about the services and environment that are a part of the Rochester experience. Topics range from safety and economics, to education and community engagement. In total, the survey encompasses 12 different areas. The results of the survey will be used to guide future decision making processes.  “This survey is vitally important for both city … [Read more...]

Curbside Leaf Collection Begins October 24 in Rochester

Beginning on October 24, the City will have crews out picking up leaves at the curb. Please assemble neat piles of leaves right along the curb, in the street. Grass clippings, pet waste, municipal waste and tree limbs are strictly prohibited. As summer comes to an end, the Michigan Fall colors blast into view. Unfortunately, after this brilliant color display, the season concludes with raking...but the good news is, the City of Rochester continues to offer curbside leaf collection. … [Read more...]

Op-Ed: Non-profits get a 90% Break on Cost of City Services

By Sue Ann Douglas, Special to Rochester Media: Did you know that the City of Rochester gives non-profit organizations who hold an event in the City Park a 90% discount off the actual the cost of police, fire and DPW services associated with their event? That's right. The non-profits only pay 10% of the actual cost. So, if the support for the event costs $15,000.00, the group pays only $1,500.00. It's no wonder everyone wants to come to our park for their fundraisers. Cities like … [Read more...]

Rochester Summer Roadway Maintenance

Water is the most destructive element to our pavements and a good preventive maintenance program always includes crack sealing. We need to prevent water intrusion into our pavements and slow the deterioration as much as possible to extend our pavement’s life. The City of Rochester has hired an expert contractor to seal the joints and cracks in some of our streets this summer. This process entails routering the crack, blowing out dirt and debris with compressed air, and then injecting a hot … [Read more...]