Dear Crabby, Why Does Starbucks Hate Christmas?


Dear Crabby, Plain red coffee cups this year, it must mean that Starbucks hates Christmas, right? Sincerely, Kara T. Coffee   Dear Kara, You must be upset at Starbucks for producing a plain red coffee cup this year during the holiday season. Many Christians have been outraged that Starbucks didn't do a fancy paper cup, but instead brewed up a simple design, well, no design at all really, just the color red. In past years, the coffee mogul has used Christmas tree ornaments, bows, … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, How Will You Spend Your Extra Hour?


Dear Crabby, On Sunday, November 1 we ‘fall back’ one hour. What are you going to do with the extra time? Thanks, Tina Tiempo Dear Tina Tiempo, Thanks for the reminder! And since the time change occurs when we’re all getting our beauty sleep (which some need more than others) it’s probably best to make sure all your clocks are set back an hour on Saturday night before you go to bed. Now that I got the PSA out of the way… this is actually one of my favorite times of the … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, Who is Your Favorite James Bond?


Dear Crabby, The hype around the new James Bond movie Spectre coming out in November is huge, which got me wondering: who is your favorite actor who has played James Bond? Thanks, Gil Gadget Dear Gil Gadget, As I’ve mentioned to my loyal readers before, I’m not too big of a movie buff, but just like The Duke, James Bond is a rare exception to rule. To date, seven men have suited up as Bond, James Bond—the martini-swilling womanizer with a license to kill. If I’m being honest, … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, Is Paying for a Stranger’s Coffee Weird?


Dear Crabby, I’ve been on the receiving end of a stranger buying my coffee out-of-the-blue and it really made my day. So, I decided to pay it forward and do the same for someone else, but the woman got mad at me when I tried and told me that it was weird. Is it? Thanks, JoAnna Java Dear JoAnna Java, I don’t drink much coffee these days. It’s on a long list of things Mrs. Crabby is convinced could kill me. So instead I get to choke down a glass of prune juice every morning. This … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, Is Common Core Harmful or Helpful?


Dear Crabby, We’re now over a month into the new school year and already I’d like to pull my hair out trying to help my kid with his math homework. This Common Core seems crazy, or am I just too old to learn new tricks? Thanks, Ned Numerical Dear Ned Numerical, The only reason I know about Common Core is because I’ve hear my children and grandchildren complaining about it, too. For those who haven’t had the privilege of experiencing Common Core firsthand, here’s quick … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, Are the New ‘Muppets’ Cute or Creepy?


Dear Crabby, One of the TV shows I was really excited for this fall was the rebooted The Muppets. I’ve watched a couple of episodes and I have to admit, I’m a little disappointed. What do you think? Thanks, Suzy Marionette Dear Suzy Marionette, Well, you’re certainly not alone in your disappointment. Before the show even aired, advocacy group One Million Moms was already calling for its removal from the ABC lineup. They say it’s ‘perverted’ and not family-friendly. … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, Are Participation Awards a Good or Bad Idea?


Dear Crabby, Are Participation Awards a Good or Bad Idea? Thanks, Justin Givens Dear Mr. Givens, With having kids and grandkids, I’m certainly no stranger to the award for doing nothing. Experts seem to be divided on the issue. Some claim it’s important for a child to feel like a winner—all the time—to continue with the sport or activity. You know, it builds their self-esteem and confidence, and so on. Others insist that we’re just building them up for a greater let down one … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, Wedding Dinner on You?


Dear Crabby, We’ve been invited to a wedding with a cash reception, where guests are expected to pay for their own meals, have you ever heard of this? Sincerely, Chip Inornot Dear Chip, Great—another wedding question—it’s not your fault, people continue to amaze us with unusual antics revolving around the happiest day of their lives. I’ve answered several questions about weddings—attending them, paying for them, planning them—this one is odd. It’s a long-standing … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, How Do I Tell Telemarketers to Take a Hike?

Dear Crabby with a Laptop Computer

Dear Crabby, The other night I was sitting down to a nice meal with my family and the phone rang. Normally we let the machine get it, but I was expecting an important call, so I answered it. Of course, it turned out to be a telemarketer. Any suggestions on how I can get them to buzz off? Thanks, Ned Annoyed Dear Mr. Annoyed, Sure – don’t ever answer your phone – ha! Seriously, I know exactly what you’re saying. You’d think in our age of fancy-schmancy technology there … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, Why are Back-to-School Supplies so Expensive?

Dear Crabby, I am sending my kids to school for the first time (they’ve been homeschooled until now) and am finally ready to start back-to-school shopping. Some of my mom friends have been lamenting over the cost. Is it really that expensive? Thanks, Mona Moneysense Dear Mrs. Moneysense, All I can say is prepare yourself for sticker shock. Back in my day all we needed were the basics: paper, pencils, ruler, and books – all items the schools pretty much gave to us! I do remember … [Read more...]