Dear Crabby, Why Do People Dislike Pit Bulls?

Dear Crabby, I’ve been following the story of Diggy the dog in The Oakland Press and whether or not his owners should be allowed to keep him because there is a ban on pit bulls in Waterford. Why does it seem like there is no love for this breed? Thanks, Greg Growler Dear Mr. Growler, Good gracious. Are people still yammering on about this? I think the first time I gave my two cents on this issue was four years ago! In case your memory is as flighty as mine, let me summarize what I … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, Will I-75 Be Finished in Our Lifetime?

Dear Crabby, Just when you think Michigan’s orange barrel season might be tapering off – boom! The big I-75 project starts. Do you really think it will take as long as they’re saying? If so, I may need to move. Thanks, Bob Bitumen Dear Bob Bitumen, First, I think it’s hilarious that you believe orange barrel season ever ends in this state. I’m pretty sure somewhere there is still some road being worked on dating back to when Michigan became a state in 1837. Second, I definitely … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, How Many More Lives Does Harry Potter Have?

Dear Crabby, Did we turn the clock back a decade? Because I feel like I’m living Harry Potter hysteria all over again. He’s at my library, the bookstore, and just about everywhere else I turn. What is it about 'the boy who loved' that people won't leave him alone? Thanks! Doug Dumbell Dear Doug Dumbell, Ma’am, you’re lucky I have grandkids or I wouldn’t know what in tarnation you were talking about. But even though I’m older than dirt, I do like to stay current with what the … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, What’s Wrong with the U.S. Olympic Team Uniforms?

Dear Crabby, The Summer Olympics kick off in Rio on Friday and I was all excited… until I saw what they’ll be wearing in the Opening Ceremonies. Ugh. Who designs these outfits and aren’t we supposed to be setting the bar for excellence for the rest of the world? Thanks, Paula Patriotic Dear Paula Patriotic, Ha! ‘Bar of excellence.’ That’s a good one, but I think I know what you’re referring to. The recent unveiling of what members of the U.S. Olympic team will be sporting when they … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, What is the Floatable Boatable and Why is it Returning?

Dear Crabby, What is the Floatable Boatable and Why is it Returning? Sincerely, Wanda Wandaknow   Well, Well, Well, Wanda, This brings back memories. The Floatable Boatable was an event in 1969 to celebrate the 100-year anniversary of Rochester being incorporated into a village. As part of the celebration, men sported beards and women wore hoop skirts. There were parties, parades, and dancing. Memorial Day weekend brought us the Floatable Boatable. Pitched as a sort of regatta … [Read more...]

1,000 Likes and Counting

It may not sound like much to large companies, but we're excited to reach 1,000 likes on our Facebook Page. The Community Edge hit that landmark a few days ago and we wanted to thank you for being a part of bringing hyper-local news to you, are readers. Thank you. We actually have three Facebook Pages. The Community Edge is our news outlet. But we also have one for Rochester Media, our publishing branch, and Dear Crabby has is own (he demanded it, but still has trouble using the … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, Do Adults Need Coloring Books?

Dear Crabby, Do Adults Need There Own Coloring Books? Sincerely, Art Smith   Dear Mr. Smith, When I first hear about adult coloring books, I thought the idea was silly. After all, if - as an adult - you want to color, go ahead. Who needs the title of a book to tell you it's for you? I mean, have you ever heard of Children's Literature for Adults or Young Adult Novels for Adults - of course not - so why would you need Coloring Books for Adults? Well, as I discovered, the … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, What is a Pokémon?

Dear Crabby, What is a Pokémon? Sincerely, Joe Mime   Dear Mr. Mime, This reminds me of a joke I tell my grandchildren. "How do you get a Pikachu on a bus? You Pok-e-mon." Helps if you point your finger and make like you're poking someone as you deliver the punch line. I've told this joke for a while, but never knew what it meant until Pokémon Go came on the scene. It got the same response most of my comments and jokes do, rolled eyes and sighs, so I never cared if, or why, it … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, Which Country Will Exit Next?

Dear Crabby, It’s been about a week now since the United Kingdom broke up with the rest of Europe. Do you think other countries will also decide they want to leave? And does that mean the U.S. is in trouble? Thanks! Ella Europa Dear Ella Europa, I assume you’re referring to Brexit. Good to know it’s not just celebrities that get these ridiculous compound names. But talk about buyer’s remorse. After a close vote—almost 52 percent said ‘see ya!’ while 48 percent wanted to remain—the … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, Who Gets the Grandfather Clock?

Dear Crabby, My mom recently passed away and the pain of losing her is still fresh. But that hasn’t stopped people from asking for something personal of hers or asking if we’re gonna sell this or that. Is there any etiquette for this sort of thing? Thanks, Miranda Moneypenny Dear Miranda Moneypenny, First, let me say I’m sorry for your loss. Losing someone you love never gets easier—especially when it comes to our parents. Secondly, the etiquette in this situation is for others to … [Read more...]