Timber! Surviving life’s storms


Last Saturday evening, my family and I watched from our window as dark, ominous clouds rolled in. We anticipated lightning and thunder, drenching rain and hail. But all we were entertained by that night were some forcefully high winds. Blatant disrespecting the towering deciduous trees, the wind attacked for a short but potent time. The bare branches gave off the impression of vulnerability, as they threateningly waved over homes. We expected any one of them to snap under the pressure that … [Read more...]

There’s no place like home


Maybe it's just this wearisome winter or perhaps I'm growing soft with age, but I've been more emotional than an Olympic gold medalist lately. So when we recently rescued a shelter dog, speaking the words "You're home now," instantly choked me up. Call us suckers for sympathy, since the sad faces in the dog cages were all it took to convince us we could provide a good place for a homeless companion. The innocent looking tent at the Fire and Ice Festival was filled with furry friends that most … [Read more...]

Sew as you go

Sew as you go

About a year ago I was given the gift of a sewing machine. It was sleek, modern, and had pretty stitch designs already programmed in. It fashionably sat atop my desk and I loved it. The problem was I had no idea how to make it perform its magic. When I signed up for an introductory class, I arrived early, eager to learn. But the lesson was almost a disaster because the teacher assumed her students knew how to thread a bobbin and what a presser foot was. Unfortunately this pupil had not the … [Read more...]

Only the lonely

Elk Looking for Food in Snow

Last week was rough. I had been pushed to my sanity limit by a list of constant demands and overwhelming busyness that was out of my control. I found myself retreating to Facebook and Pinterest in short intervals, in an attempt to find respite in the swirl of chaos happening around me. I thought if I could connect somehow to the outside world then I would survive the day. But that prolonged testing of my patience caused a pang in me in a way I hadn't expected or noticed in awhile. I … [Read more...]

Eating for your immune system


There's vitamins, essential oils and prescriptions, oh my. When sickness strikes, we will try anything. Many of my friends have kids who are struggling to fight off stubborn infections this winter, and they just don't know what else to do. Though I don't claim to be an expert, one way our family stays healthy is by taking a proactive view of what we eat, and we do it in conscious thought of boosting our immune system. You can feel stuffed and satisfied in your belly and yet your body can be … [Read more...]

Piercing Grace

For years, I have told my now 8-year-old daughter that she would need to wait until her 10th birthday to get her ears pierced. That was the way my parents had done it for me, and I wanted to carry on the tradition with my own daughter. I envisioned this event as a defining moment in her life, marking the beginning of becoming a young lady. But this idealistic notion changed this year when I gave into her pleadings that had grown increasingly incessant. She desperately wanted her ears pierced … [Read more...]

Opposite days give reason for praise

Heidi and her son enjoying the cooler temperatures.

If warm weather in the fall is called an Indian Summer, then should we label this cold snap in summer a Pilgrim Spring? The Pilgrims came unexpected to the American Indians, and so has this unseasonable weather, which has literally knocked the socks back on us. I'm fighting the urge put a straw bale decoration on my porch, and I'm suppressing my stomach's strong desire to patronize the cider mill. There have definitely been positives and negatives to the summer of 2013. It's great to be … [Read more...]

Welcome to my summer house

I have coined my own term to define the status of organized living, or lack thereof that we currently have around our home. It's simply called, “summer house." Summer house means grass and dirt chunks endlessly seem to gather on the floor. Summer house means that unfinished art projects linger in various locations and piles of shoes create little mountains by each door. Summer house means that all the daily cleaning I generally get to while the kids are at school gets half done, making it … [Read more...]

The Joneses are stressed, but you don’t have to be, too!

Last week I was catching up with a friend, discussing the new school year. While chatting, I was surprised to hear the detail of her daughter's extracurricular activities. It was so full, we could scarcely find a night to have the two families together for dinner. She justified the enrichment, like many parents, as simply the way to keep her child well rounded. My advice to the mother was to be careful not drive her own-self crazy, in the process of attempting to keep her daughter exploring … [Read more...]