Paint the Plow and the New Rochester Hills City Council

Inaugural Paint the Plow at the Rochester Hills DPS Garage

The New City Council Members The new Rochester Hills City Council met for the first time on Monday. While four members are continuing their term, the three newly elected members were at their first city council meeting as council members. Kevin Brown (At-Large), Stephanie Morita (District 1) and Thomas Wiggins (District 4) were sworn in on November 18, 2013 at the Oath of Office. City Council President Greg Hooper welcomed them and said, “I have the utmost confidence in all our new … [Read more...]

Revisiting the Pit Bull issue


In the winter of 2010-2011, the Rochester Hills City Council debated the need for a breed specific ordinance for Pit Bulls after some biting incidents in our community. City Councilman Martin Brennan and I wrote Point/Counter Point editorials for Rochester Media and other media outlets on the Pros and Cons of such a ban. Rochester Media has asked me to revisit the issue a few years later. At the time I made the following points against banning a specific breed – and I still believe … [Read more...]

Rochester Area Junior Chamber announce 2013 Board of Directors

Caption: The 2013 Rochester Area Jaycees Board of Directors at the Rochester Community House: Karen Geibel, Michael Webber, Julia Webber, Krista Tocco, Jocelyn Moellering, and Dan Moellering. Not Pictured: Paul Jackson.

During the January meeting of the Rochester Area Junior Chamber (Jaycees), a swearing in ceremony occurred for the 2013 Board of Directors. Each member of the board will serve for a one-year term. The board includes: 58th Chapter President – Michael Webber Chairman of the Board – Dan Moellering Management Vice President – Julia Webber Membership Vice President – Paul Jackson Individual Development Vice President – Krista Tocco Secretary – Karen … [Read more...]

Rochester Area Junior Chamber (Jaycees) Sponsor Annual Shopping Tour

2012 JC Shopping Tour Santa

The Rochester Area Junior Chamber has local businesses and community leaders to thank for another successful Christmas Shopping Tour, which took place on Saturday, December 15th, 2012. The Rochester Area Neighborhood House identified for the Jaycees with 29 children who were paired with volunteers to shop for gifts for their family members at Meijer on Rochester Road. After the shopping was finished, the children were transported to the Older Persons’ Commission for a Christmas party … [Read more...]

Letter to the Editor: Police Millage

How does a community like Rochester Hills sustain strong city services and maintain a consistently low tax rate among its Oakland County neighbors? It takes planning and preparation with a multi-year budget approach. It takes innovation from city leaders and residents who come together to solve complex issues. It takes dedication – a strong commitment from everyone to prioritize wants vs. needs and sustain those needs into the future. The Police Millage ballot proposal on August 7th … [Read more...]

Citizen Opinion: Show Me the Money

Citizen Opinion by Scot Beaton Fiscal Responsibility, Rochester Hills Hats off to all those who worked on the police millage proposal: Don Cline, Dale Hetrick, Walter Johnson, Linda Raschke, LeAnne Rogers, Nancy Soisson and Thomas Stephens. (hundreds of hours of work NO compensation from the city) but because of the current economic condition the nation is currently in, threats of a fiscal cliff etc., a straight up renewal would probably be the only millage the residents of Rochester Hills … [Read more...]

Is OPC compromise in view?

Marye Miller

There may be a glimmer of hope on the horizon. When the Rochester Older Persons Commission’s governing board meets Thursday, it appears the members are ready to take another look at one controversial item in the proposed 2012 budget, which has yet to be formally adopted. After two years in which OPC employees received no increases in compensation, last year the board approved an increase in the payment in lieu of health insurance for full-time employees. The payment was increased from … [Read more...]

Readers want to know: Q & A on the OPC

In an attempt to answer readers’ questions about the current OPC budget dispute, we consulted the Interlocal Agreement that governs the OPC, budget documents, meeting minutes, the most recent audit and relevant officials. WHO RUNS THE OPC? The OPC was created as a separate public corporation in 1983. The municipalities of Rochester, Rochester Hills and Oakland Township jointly fund it and share authority under the terms of the Interlocal Agreement (ILA). The OPC does not have taxing … [Read more...]

Rochester’s alternate OPC budget rejected

The governing bodies of Rochester Hills and Oakland Township this week rejected the request of Rochester City Council to change some line items in the 2012 budget of the Older Persons Commission. In denying Rochester’s request, members of the Rochester Hills City Council and the Oakland Township Board of Trustees said they believe the structure that has governed the OPC since its inception is working, and they want the OPC governing board to remain independent of the communities’ … [Read more...]

Michael Webber Runs for re-election for Rochester Hills City Council


Michael Webber seemingly came out of nowhere four years ago to win an at-large seat on Rochester Hills City Council. Now finishing his first term, he is seeking re-election. “I decided to run for re-election to the city council because I want to continue to be a part of the solution in order to move our city forward,” he said. “While I am proud of the record that has been established over the last four years – multiple-year balanced budgets, single waste-hauler program, job growth and … [Read more...]