Dear Crabby, What Was Your Favorite Story from 2015?


Dear Crabby, I'm a loyal reader of your column and I was wondering out of all the topics you wrote about this past year, which one was your favorite? Thanks! Dave Devotée Dear Mr. Devotée, First, thanks for reading my column. You have excellent taste in reading material. Of course I think everyone should be reading it because clearly I'm the go-to authority on pretty much everything. My grandkids will tell you that's because I'm older than dirt, but I like to think it's because … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, Should we travel this Fourth of July?


Dear Crabby, Should we be nervous to travel this Fourth of July? Sincerely, Pat Triotic Dear Mr. Triotic, I get the feeling you’re talking about the government warnings about heightened security threats that seem to come every Fourth of July weekend since 9/11. I am a person that feels strongly about keeping his family safe—I’m from that era—it’s the man’s job and that sort of thing. Therefore, I understand that “stay close to home” feeling of security. However, if an … [Read more...]

Top Travel Destinations for 2015

Zip Line Adventure in Costa Rica

Top Travel Destinations for 2015 Every travel expert, travel website, or major news outlet has published a list of the top travel destinations to consider in 2015. Here are a few of those lists to peruse as you and the family curl up by a fireplace, drink hot chocolate and try to stay warm over the next several days. U.S. News Travel Paris London Barcelona Maui New York City San Francisco Puerto Rico Sydney Rio de Janeiro Bora … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, Why Snowplow when it will just snow again?


Dear Crabby, Nothing could be more frustrating than to spend two hours clearing your driveway of snow, only to have another several inches fall on it again. Really though, what is the point of snowplowing if it is only going to snow again? Sincerely, Snow B. Gone Dear Snow B. Gone, I can see your point and have thought the same thing several times in the past. I have a couple of thoughts for you. One, move to Florida! That is why people down there call us “snow birds” anyway. When … [Read more...]

Are Michiganders buying health insurance?

Picture 3

Have you trekked the Mich. exchange to purchase health insurance? Were you successful? Encounter error messages? When the state’s marketplace opened for enrollment on Tuesday, Oct. 1, the federal site experienced something of historic proportions, said Erin Knott of Enroll America. “The numbers were just so incredibly high and because of that surge of folks that were from Mich. and the other 32 states that are part of the federal exchange, there were some slowdowns,” … [Read more...]

Cooking with apples this season

Picture 5

Anyone can toss a ripe Granny Smith in their lunch bag or grab a Honey Crisp on their way out the door. But this autumn, Michiganders want to consume apples in new ways as refreshing as the pomaceous fruit itself. We are curious how to add the tart, vitamin C-packed snack to our appetizer lineup before the Lions football game on Sunday; or how to embellish our family dinner and side dishes this evening; how to put a new spin on the beloved dessert found in a pie pan all the way to learning … [Read more...]

Where to Go in 2013

Ice Fishing Fun - photo by Michael Dwyer

Travel in 2013 Now that we’re past the world ending, Christmas and New Year’s, we can seriously look at our travel plans for 2013. There’s the winter getaway, spring fling, summer vacation and various other weekend trips looming in the New Year. Have you started planning yet? Winter Getaways If you’re the type of person that needs a warm destination in the middle of a Michigan winter and haven’t made plans yet, you better hop online or visit a travel agent soon. You might be … [Read more...]

Before Your Winter Vacation

Pets and Plants - photo by Michael Dwyer

Getting the House Ready Part of planning winter vacations is making sure your home here in Michigan is ready for winter. While most families will be gone only one or two weeks this winter, many retired persons will go for a month or longer. By now residents of Michigan will know if their heat works. If your home uses a forced air furnace, clean or replace the air filter and make sure the air vents are not blocked and air can flow freely. When leaving for vacation, heat should be “on” … [Read more...]

Hollywood Markets Features Michigan’s Own Hot Rod Bob’s Dressing


Since 1924, Hollywood Markets has aimed to please as Southeast Michigan's favorite neighborhood grocery. Our seven family-owned and operated stores offer old fashioned customer service, a wide selection of high-quality meats, and the freshest produce around --- all at reasonable prices. Come visit us today for a hometown shopping experience. Go to their website to get today's fresh deals! Featured Michigan Brand Hot Rod Bob's Dressing All natural fresh … [Read more...]

GM Parking Only for Flint Michigan Plant Tour

GM Flint Plant Tour

Car Ownership I buy American products whenever possible and I have always owned a General Motors or Ford vehicle. This is an old value passed down from my father who was rumored to ban my older sister from going on a date with a young man that drove a foreign car. That being said, who is to say what is American any more? Do you buy a foreign car assembled in the United States putting Americans to work? Or do you buy an American vehicle assembled in Canada with Japanese parts? I’m not … [Read more...]