Biology Professor Examines River Ecology On A Global Scale

Oakland University (OU) ecologist Scott Tiegs is the lead author of a new scientific paper examining carbon-cycling rates of river-based ecosystems around the world. Published in the journal Science Advances, the paper is based on the work of 153 researchers in 40 countries. The study found that climatic factors, such as temperature and moisture, influenced carbon-cycling rates of river-based ecosystems. Carbon cycling is critical for the functioning of systems across a range of spatial … [Read more...]

Students Study Tropical Field Ecology in Ecuador

Oakland University (OU) Students Study Tropical Field Ecology in Ecuador Abigail Foster, a Brighton native and self-professed homebody, recently broadened her horizons when she took part in a tropical field ecology class more than 3,000 miles away from home. She and nine other Oakland University students spent part of their holiday recess immersed in the sprawling ecosystems of Ecuador, including grasslands, wetlands, cloud forests, rocky marine reefs and some of the last remaining … [Read more...]