Pixley’s Rochester Roots Run Deep

The Pixleys Come to Rochester In 1831, a farmer from New York State named Jonathan Pixley decided to move his family westward to Michigan. He settled near what we know today as the corner of Avon & John R roads, just 14 years after James Graham founded the first non-native settlement in Oakland County. Today, his descendants operate one of Rochester’s longest-lived family businesses. Vern Pixley feels privileged to run Pixley Funeral Home in association with his son, Andrew. Together, … [Read more...]

Pixley Funeral Home Featured in Television Series

Documentary Provides Insight on Death, Funeral Industry, and Growing Trend of Personalized Services Service Corporation International, North America’s largest provider of funeral and cemetery services, announced today its inclusion in the documentary, “The Embrace of Dying: How We Deal With The End of Life.” This PBS series takes an intimate look at how different cultures approach death, as well as how the funeral industry is evolving. The eight-part series aired its first program on … [Read more...]

No More Water Reservoirs For Rochester Hills

After a five hour City Council meeting that had a few hundred extra citizens in attendance, the Rochester Hills City Council voted to suspend further conversation about building water reservoirs in the City.  This conversation started with the current council about a year and half ago, according to Councilman Vern Pixley. He states, "I was a supporter of the plan, the business model worked, the idea was solid, but at the end of the day the concern about the future of the Detroit Water Board and … [Read more...]